Since 2004, I offer sophrology sessions to anyone willing to take an active part in dealing with their stress, recovering a restful sleep, getting ready for an important event, facing illness or simply aiming at personal growth. Children and teenagers benefit from this approach as well, with playful techniques that they can use for the rest of their lives. Since 2021, I hold workshops on self-esteem, based on Jean Monbourquette’s work.

Brigitte Decré Rinner, caycedian sophrologist and Montbourquette practitioner


Sophrology aims at living more consciously with our mind and body in harmony. With sophrology, we learn how to relax, to better manage stress and face our daily challenges. Read more

Jean Montbourquette’s approach

Taking both our psychological and spiritual dimensions, the work of Jean Monbourquette enables us to work on self-esteem, bereavement, forgiveness, life mission and other essentials themes. Read more

About me

I discovered sophrology in 2000. It helped me to cope with bouts of depression. To share this wonderful technique, I decided to train in Paris with Dr Patrick-André Chéné and then with Prof Alfonso Caycédo himself in Andorra for my Masters. For more than 15 years, I worked as a sophrologist in London, with adults, teenagers and children in one-to-one sessions or classes. In 2018, I attended a workshop “Find your own mission” based on Jean Monbourquette’s work. Confirmed in my mission as “helping people grow”, I decided to learn this approach that takes both our psychological and spiritual dimensions into account. I am now accredited to hold workshops on self-esteem.


I regularly attend further trainings and workshops:

  • Main diplomas
    • 2002-2004 Académie de Sophrologie Caycédienne de Paris – Dr Patrick-André Chéné
    • 2005 Master Spécialiste en Sophrologie Caycédienne – Pr Alfonso Caycedo
    • 2017 MBSR Level 1, Bangor University
    • 2021 Praticienne Monbourquette, Estimame

I regularly teach at the Sophro Academy (Wye, UK). I am a member of Sophrologie Suisse and Sofrocay.