Ateliers Estime de soi

Since 2021, I am accredited to facilitate workshops on self-esteem according to Jean Monbourquette’s approach.

I offer one-day workshops to discover this approach. For those who are interested in diving further into this work, I recommend the four-day workshop over two to three months. Most of the content is experiential, with practical exercises.

Those workshops aim at:

  • Knowing yourself better, self-acceptance and self-love
  • Learning how to modify your inner speech
  • Listening to the messages from your body
  • Welcoming your emotions, understanding what they mean and acting consequently
  • Learning to set healthy limits
  • Listening to your soul
  • Finding a new momentum and make relevant choices
  • Daring to be yourself, unique and specific in the world

Self-esteem rests upon the perception you have of your inner world: how you see yourself, what you tell yourself, how you feel. It is made up of:

  • Self-esteem for your own person (being) = self-love. For example: I appreciate my whole body, I tell myself I am a good person, I feel loved and worthy of being loved.
  • Self-esteem for your skills (doing) = self-confidence. For example: I see myself succeeding, I tell myself I am going to succeed, I am proud of what I have done.

To grow in self-esteem, we first work on that psychological dimension. I can modify the way I see myself, I can change my inner-speech, I can transform my feelings.

With a good self-esteem (interiority), I will have a healthy assertiveness (exteriority)

To grow your self-esteem and your assertiveness involves requesting your intelligence and your determination.

The specificity of Jean Monbourquette is to involve our spiritual dimension as well. He invites us to discover that we have a soul, to take care of it and accept to be guided by it. This requests letting-go.

« Introduction to self esteem» (1 day)

120CHF. The price should never stops you from attending. Please contact me to find a suitable solution.

Atelier « Growing further in self-esteem» (4 days)

480CHF. The price should never stops you from attending. Please contact me to find a suitable solution.


« Five days full of knwoledge, emotions and exploration. Five days to learn how grow. »

« Thank you Brigitte for this outstanding workshop. It gave me joy and strength to face life. »

« I gained practical tools! »

« A very practical and friendly workshop, taking all aspects of human being into account! »

« One more intense day, perfectly orchestrated by Brigitte. »

« You guide us with professionalism! »