A mental, physical and emotional preparation for birth.

You will learn how to relax, to become more familiar with your body transformation, more aware of what is going on in your body and to prepare for labour and delivery. Relaxation will help you bond with your unborn baby and be in tune with him/her.

A. discovered Sophrology when pregnant with her first child. At the time, she had to deal with an angry boss, her moving to a new country and the novelty of living with the future dad. She had had daily contractions as early as 3 months into pregnancy and a premature birth was feared. Sophrology and rest helped her relax and blossom. Contractions reduced dramatically and the baby was full term.

“Sophrology helped me think about the delivery in a calm, positive way. On D Day, I was able to cope with the first 20 hours of labour at home. I arrived at the hospital only three hours before my baby was born. I managed with the pain although it was a posterior baby.
Since then, I often use the Sophrology techniques whenever I need them, to reduce my anxiety or help me fall asleep.”

“Thank you so much for your help in preparing for my baby’s birth. He eventually arrived a few days before the due date. Sophrology really helped me during the whole process of giving birth, which was quite something: 27 hours of labour ending with a vacuum extraction delivery (my baby was probably feeling very comfortable inside!). I am sure I will keep using the techniques in other circumstances in my daily life.